Cloud Connect

What is it


Continent 8’s Cloud Connect service brings global public cloud providers (such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) together with end-customers and in doing so alleviates some of the primary concerns around public cloud adoption, such as security and availability.


Why you need it


As more and more customers move to a hybrid architecture, using public cloud services alongside their primary infrastructure, being able to connect seamlessly between these two becomes vital to their business


By bypassing the public Internet, enterprises can now improve performance, reduce costs, increase security and leverage public cloud services for more of their applications. Enterprises and software-as-a-service (SaaS) customers can now integrate directly with private or hybrid cloud services and extend their internal applications as if they were part of their local area network.


How we can help you


Customers located in any Continent 8 Data Centre or point of presence can subscribe to Cloud Connect and a virtual circuit is built directly between their network and the Cloud Provider of their choice. The availability of the circuit is guaranteed and worries around varying latency and security exposure of the internet are removed.


The service, provided by Continent 8 in partnership with Equinix’s Cloud Exchange, enables Virtual Circuits (VCs) to be provided across Continent 8’s network, into the cloud providers at 200Mbps, 500Mbps or 1Gbps – with custom VC speeds available up to 10Gbps.


You can download the Cloud Conect Data Sheet 


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