Continent 8 Technology Commences Operation of Latest Facility Expansion

Technologies commences operation this week in its newest server room as part of its “Data Centre On Demand” strategy designed to rapidly build facilities, as needed, to meet growing customer needs.

While being one of Continent 8’s smallest server rooms, weighing in with a capacity of 20 cabinets, it is one of Continent 8’s most environmentally friendly and capable rooms with the ability to support high-density cabinets.


Take a step into this new room and you will immediately notice that there is no raised floor—this is made possible with a new cooling design that uses in-row cooling units. While this does reduce the amount of total racks in the room, it provides a host of advantages that include faster construction, simpler room maintenance and increased floor loads.


Ease of room re-configuration is further extended with the deployment of a bus bar power distribution system that allows hot-swappable power connections throughout the room. What this means is customers will be able to upgrade any cabinet’s power specifications without the need for rewiring or affecting other cabinets in the room.


Continent 8 has also improved the practical safely of the room by being one of the first facilities in the world to feature portable NOVEC 1230 fire extinguishers in addition to the main room fire suppression system. This allows the control of a localized fire threat without the need to evacuate and deploy the room-wide system. NOVEC 1230 is an environmentally and equipment friendly alternative to the more traditional FM-200 systems.


Other environmentally friendly features include the use of energy-saving LED lighting system throughout and variable speed fans in the cooling system.


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